PictureCourse Registration,

Course Costs and Payment

First: Go to the "Contact Us" page or call for schedule information.

See if a seat is available on your preferred class date and time or call if you have other related concerns.

Second: Click this button:  to download and print out the course registration form and instructions for reference or immediate use.

It is two (2) pages in PDF format. Please print each page separately and mail or email to us only the completed first page, the Registration Form, or by other means make only the completed Registration Form available to us.

Use the back of that page for any additional pertinent information.

Once downloaded, these two pages should be found in your computer's "Downloads" folder or wherever else in your computer you've designated downloads to go.

Unable to download and print out the PDF formatted Registration Form?

Go down this page a bit to where this same question is asked again and follow the instructions there to make a copy.

If still unable to make a copy, call or email and we'll email, mail or fax a copy to you.

Third: On the Registration Form, after entering your preferred course(s) and class date(s) and time(s), by circling AM or PM, indicate your choice of either an 8:00 AM to Noon class or a 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM class. Call, if you'd prefer to take an evening class.

Note (1.) For our planning purposes and administrative considerations, it is preferred that a student be registered at least a week before the class date!

However, if, because of circumstances, delaying registration is unavoidable, you may walk-in register the day of the class, if you have called ahead to see if a seat is available!

In this latter instance, please fill out your Registration Form beforehand and bring it with you so as to not have to take up class instruction time filling it out after you arrive. Thanks!

If the date and time you wish to take the second half of the FVF concealed carry course is unknown to you now, later, fill out another Registration Form and make it available to us when that date and time is known to you.

Secondly, even though you may have discussed this with us prior to registering, please bring it to our attention again by stating on the back of your first Registration Form that you plan to take the "Advanced Handgun Course" at a later date and time and will register later for that.

To ensure we see your note or any other comments you wish to make on the back of the form, on the front, please add at the top:  "Please see the back of this form!"

Note (2.) If, at first, a student does NOT intend to apply for a Maine Concealed Carry Permit (for which range time is required) and the student takes and satisfactorily completes both courses, the student may still elect range time to be taken at the completion of either the Basic or Advanced course.

The student will still receive a "Certificate of Course Completion" and be provided an FVF letter, addressed to the Maine State Police, stating the student did satisfactorily complete the requirements.

This way, if later the student decides to apply for the permit, an application can still be submitted for permit consideration. 

In Maine, a student has up to five years to complete the permit requirements.

Therefore, if desired, the student may delay taking the Advanced course, take the course at a later time and still apply for the permit within the five year time period.

If range time is NOT elected and both courses are taken and satisfactorily completed, a "Certificate of Course Completion" will be presented to the student at the end of each course, however, without a range time endorsement.

If the student decides to apply to the State for the permit later, he/she must register with FVF for the "Course of Fire" (range time) after which, satisfactory completion of that will be noted on a new "Certificate of Course Completion"

In other words, a student will not be recognized by the State of Maine as qualified to receive a Concealed Handgun Carry Permit on the basis of only satisfactorily completing classroom instruction.

The cost of obtaining this additional certificate is $20.00, if the student provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear or $30.00, if FVF provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear.


Note: The cost of a course is not indicated on the Registration Form; only your course choice(s), date(s), and time(s).

The following list shows your cost before and after a 10% discount.

You may be eligible to apply a discount to your payment.

Following the list is guidance to help you determine your discount eligibility.

Payment by PayPal is provided at the bottom of this page. 

Although you may not have a PayPal account, you may still use it as our Guest to pay for your training by debit or credit card.

Payment by any other means, e.g. money order, personal check, should accompany your completed Registration Form when you mail it to us.


A.     the Basic course and the Advanced course without range time, the 'base' cost of each course is $50.00.

                  The total cost would be $100.00.

                          Discounted 10% the cost is $90.00.

B.     the Basic course and the Advanced course with the range time required in order to qualify to apply for the Maine Concealed Handgun Permit and

         the student provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear,

                  the total cost is $110.00.

                         Discounted 10% the cost is $99.00.

         If FVF provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear, the cost is $120.00.

                        Discounted 10% the cost is $108.00.

C.     just the Basic course without range time, the 'base' cost is $50.00.

         Discounted 10%, the cost is $45.00. When elected range time is added and

         the student provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear

                the total cost is $60.00.

                        Discounted 10% the cost is $54.00.

         If FVF provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear, the cost is $70.00.

                        Discounted 10% the cost is $63.00.

D.     just the Advanced course without range time, the 'base' cost is $50.00.

        Discounted 10%, the cost is $45.00. When elected range time is added and

        the student provides firearm, ammo and protective gear,

                the total cost is $60.00.

                        Discounted 10% the cost is $54.00.

        If FVF provides a firearm, ammo and protective gear, the cost is $70.00.

                       Discounted 10% the cost is $63.00.


You receive a 10% discount if:

(1.) you are an Active Duty member of any component of the U.S. armed forces; or

(2.) you are an Active Duty member of a National Guard or Reserve unit; or

(3.) you are an honorably discharged veteran; or

(4.) you are a teacher; or

(5.) you are a family with at least two immediate members attending; up to six immediate members attending a class; or

(6.) you are referred by a friend who is taking the same course with you.

In this latter instance, you both receive a 10% discount and, if taking the same course together, up to three others may be referred and receive this 10% discount.

Class size is normally limited to four (4) students, so a date and time would have to be determined and agreed upon by all of you for when you all can attend together.

By the way, upon successful completion of the Basic Course, a student is eligible for a one time 10% discount off the purchase of a firearm.

See our YELP! page for our coupon 20% discount and gift certificates!

Our YELP! coupon is an introductory 20% discount which may be applied only to the $50.00 'base' cost of the Basic Handgun Course.

How it works: The student pays Yelp! $40.00 for a $50.00 vouncher which the student then provides us for course payment.

The FVF YELP! discount cannot be applied with any other promotional discount.  Sorry! Only one discount per student. 

Try to register early enough so that your Registration Form and payment or deposit is likely to arrive at FVF a week before your desired scheduled class!

Remember: Even though you may choose to email the Registration Form to expedite the process because you believe snail mailing may not get it to us in time, you MUST also snail mail a copy with payment to the above address or arrange to drop off your Registration  Form and payment at the address noted on the form or call to tell us you will pay the first day of class.

It's a good idea to call us to tell us you've mailed your form and payment so we can be expecting it!

Seats for a class are reserved in the order registration forms are received. Each of up to four students will have a seat reserved for the class, if a deposit or payment in full is received prior to class day.

If  you put off registering until the day of the class, a seat may not be available unless you've called ahead to say you will pay in full the day of the class and a seat is available at the time you call.

Remember, please mail your registration or otherwise provide your registration form to us in a timely manner to improve your chances of being enrolled in your desired class.

Payments arriving first get the seats. Not to worry! Rarely do we have a full class, especially in the winter!

NOTE: Class size is normally up to four (4) students. In the case of a non-student parent or a non-student guardian accompanying a child student aged 12 to 17, the number of people in the classroom (not including the instructor and possibly an assistant) may increase to five (5) or a maximum of six (6). 

If classes are specially arranged to be larger classes conducted elsewhere, then the accommodations of a particular venue will dictate class size.

We do not wait for a class to fill up to hold a class! We will hold a class with only one student!

Whether you mail a deposit or full payment (less any discount), normally the first four registration forms received with the earliest postmark dates will have a seat in the class!

Circle Telephone No. or Email Address on the Registration Form and you will be informed by that method that your registration has been received.

Unable to download and print out the PDF formatted Registration Form? 

Instead, try using the "Print Screen" feature on your keyboard with the example form below centered in your monitor screen (and the second page of instructions, as well, if you like),

OR, copy either page by right clicking in the middle of the example page below (each example page is already a large JPEG file) and then, clicking right clicking "Copy image" or "Save Image As". Then, print the form out. Please fill it out, with a black or blue pen preferably.

Lastly, once printed and filled out, scan your completed form to an email OR snail mail it with payment,

OR drop it off with payment to the above address,

OR provide the form and payment to us the first day of your class! 

Good luck!  Call us, if you need help!

The downloaded Registration Form looks like this:

                                                             ------ End of Registration Form -----

The downloaded Registration Form Information Page looks like this:

Note that space on the front of the form is limited. If mailing the form and more room is needed, please use the back of the form.

If emailing the form, please provide any additional information in the body of the email to save your having to email two scanned pages.

To get our attention, on the front of the form, please add at the top: "Please see the back of the form!"

Here are some examples which you might add to the back of the Registration Form or in the body of your email:

    I would like to take the Advanced Handgun Course. I will register for it later.

    I would like an hour (or more) of consultation time.

    I have a physical (medical, financial, or other) condition. I will call to discuss this. 

    I would like personal instruction in my home (or at the range or other place). I will call to discuss this.

    I have several friends (co-workers, etc..) who would like to take a course (or range instruction). I will call you.

    I have a friend (up to three friends) who would also like to take the course with me. Their names are: xxxxx, etc..

    I would like to take an evening class, if possible. I will call to discuss this.

Any correspondence (email, letter, etc..) will be attached to your Registration Form; filed in our records; and held in confidence.


If you are eligible for our 10% discount and you elect to pay by PayPal (below),

be certain to select the correct payment item!

Full payment (less any applicable discount) must be made no later than the first day of your class when final registration must be completed.

Our preference is that full payment (less any applicable discount) accompany your registration form when mailing that form to FVF at the address below a week before your class OR that, also a week ahead, it be paid by PayPal.

This is in order to, in part, save time on class day for instruction. There's a lot of information to cover and you should get your money's worth!

Payment may be made by:

If you have a PayPal account, you may pay here by PayPal (below).

If you don't have a PayPal account, as a courtesy, you may still pay by PayPal here by credit or debit card as our guest.

To use PayPal here, select and click on the course (or other item you wish to pay for) in the payment entry area and then click on the Buy Now button.

Be careful! Be sure to click on the correct !course (or combination of courses) and the correct discount amount!

If you do not have a discount, select "No Discount!" as in this example: "No Range Time and No Discount $50.00"

Concealed Carry Course For Permit
Concealed Carry Course No Permit

If you've snail mailed your Registration Form and payment, and you think that they may not be received in time to reserve your seat, you may wish to scan a copy of your completed form and email it to: info@friendlyvillagefirearms.com or fax it.  If you did not mail payment, as soon as possible after receiving notification that your email has been received in time, to complete your registration process make payment by choosing to:

  1.     either pay by PayPal prior to class day, OR
  2.     be prepared to make full payment (less any discount) the morning of your class  or the afternoon of your class, OR
  3.     call before class day to make other arrangements for payment.

If snail mailing your registration and payment, please post to the following address: 

     Friendly Village Firearms

     ATTN: Registration

     32 Pitts Road

     Harrison, ME 04040-4139

IF you wish, you may drop off your registration form and payment at the above address instead of mailing it. However, please call our office first to ensure we are available to personally receive it.

Leave a message, if necessary.

We will get back to you as soon as possible to either secure the drop off arrangement or make other arrangements.

Thank you for your business and thank you for understanding and accepting our policy!