This is the MORE BANG page! Here, from time-to-time, FVF will offer unsolicited advice which may be helpful to shooters - new and old alike!

Training, training, training may transform you into a self-defense expert!
(Notice that may is italicized and underlined!)
Food for thought:
Just because you have a concealed carry permit, doesn't make you an expert!
Carrying concealed with or without a permit is serious stuff; r-e-a-l-l-y serious stuff!
If the "hammer" drops and you have to defend yourself inside or outside your home, the law will more appreciate the fact you've received training and qualified for your permit.
Plan that there's a good chance that, without training, the book may be thrown at you if you screw up, which is more likely when you think you know what you're doing and you're thinking wrong!
When you carry without a permit, you should realize your responsibility.
Sure, you may have saved yourself the permit fee. Instead, why not spend a few dollars getting educated; trained; prepared?
Think about that!  Remember the old, related expression? Don't go off half-cocked!
The greatest danger to your well being might be your over confidence.
"We give a hoot what you shoot!"
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