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Since Friendly Village Firearms (FVF) is primarily concerned with self-defense education and training, we also primarily recommend  - and provide - proven and reliable self-defense ammunition. Recently, PolyCase ARX ammo came to our attention. We believe their ARX ammo is the best self-defense ammo available today!
Watch the following video and see why we're excited about Ruger ARX defense ammunition!

There are more video reviews of this ammunition following the specs after the next three paragraphs!  Check 'em out!
In May 2015, PolyCase Ammunition, the developer and manufacturer of the state-of-the-art ARX® self-defense ammunition, and Ruger®, the nation's leading manufacturer of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market, entered into a license agreement for PolyCase to produce and bring to market the first ever Ruger-branded ammunition. The new Ruger® line of ammunition features PolyCase’s injection molded copper/polymer ARX® projectiles. Offerings are chambered in .380 Auto, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 Auto.
Take a look below at this made-in-the-USA revolutionary ammunition design that came on the market October, 2015.  Grooves on the nose of the bullet combined with its forward velocity into soft tissue, cause extreme pressure and lateral rejection of fluid, creating massive cavitation and wound channels. The bullets feed in semi-autos like a round-nose bullet.
We have .380; 9mm; .40 S&W and .45 on hand.  Buy a firearm from us in one of these calibers and receive your first box of ammo at half price! Otherwise, retail pricing information and availability follow the graphic representation below. If out of stock, FVF will order to meet your needs. Call ahead, if you'd like to buy at "the shop". Yes, other ammo is available for less, but not Ruger ARX defensive ammo, unless it's on sale! By the way, as required by law, we ground ship ammo stateside.
We are normally open Monday thru Saturday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, however, give us a call before dropping by just to make sure.
Reviews of this ammunition are available online at:
This last website review is excellent.  The Real Guns website is a great source of firearms information and related subjects. Real Guns is also a firearms store and there you may buy firearms, etc.. They claim they are different and nicer. I don't doubt that. Real Guns graciously consented to let me link to their website article on ARX ammo. Not to take anything away from my competition though, I'd like very much if you instead bought your firearms and ammo from us!
.38 Special Ruger ARX is available!. The specs on the .38 Special are: 77 gr ARX; 1116 fps / 213 ft. lbs.
The sale price for .38 Special as of 11/21/2016 is $16.49 (was $21.99) a box of twenty (20) rounds!