Thanks for looking for Friendly Village Firearms on-line and finding us! Special thanks to Alex Royal and staff at Royal Technology Management (RTM) in Harrison, ME for a very smooth domain transfer and web hosting change.
In time, FVF plans to construct a better site. The FVF mobile site will eventually replicate this main site. Just letting you know. I know it's "down" at the moment, but I hope to have it back up soon! (As soon as I figure out how to do it!) Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Friendly Village Firearms (FVF) is located in the friendly village of Harrison, Maine!
For DIRECTIONS to our location, click here!
As a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), FVF charges $20.00 to transfer a firearm.
We welcome folks who are interested in purchasing firearms, ammo and accessories.
At the moment, FVF is essentially NOT a retail outlet. FVF has been in business only a short time and is a one-man "shop" with limited resources. Building up inventory, be it ammo, fiearms and/or accessories, takes a lot of capital. Therefore, FVF has little or no inventory. The plan is to gradually have some ammo available; a few boxes each in common handgun, rifle and shotgun calibers/gauges for at cost, plus a percentage of shipping and FVF's "handling". That might be $2-$4 more than having to drive 15-20 miles to get what you want for $1 or $2 less. For a time, chances are what FVF has available will not include what you want when you want it! In that event, FVF will steer you to another dealer in the area who may have your preference. In the meantime, perhaps you will place an order with FVF and that will be available "next time"?
With regard to firearms and accessories, for a patient customer FVF will order on line. FVF is listed with many major (and minor) distributors. The big box stores and the store fronts get the breaks. They can buy multiple lines in volume. Again, available capital is one side of the equation. Having a hangar big enough to house Air Force One in order to carry one of everything is another. If you would like to discuss your needs or know what you're looking for, FVF can conduct "research" for you to find the possible best buy and buy it for you. FVF's markup is low compared to the big box stores and most store fronts. If you have some time, FVF can get most firearms by UPS 2nd Day Air or FedEx Express in 3-5 business days; sometimes less; ammo and accessories, a few days longer. You will pay a percentage of shipping costs and Maine sales tax (5.5%) will be added at FVF or anywhere else in Maine. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. For an example, FVF is typically $30-$40 less than Cabela's.

You can pay more elsewhere and get less!

Training, training, training may transform you into a self-defense expert!
(Notice that may is italicized and underlined!)
Food for thought:
Just because you have a concealed carry permit, doesn't make you an expert!
Carrying concealed with or without a permit is serious stuff; r-e-a-l-l-y serious stuff!
If the "hammer" drops and you have to defend yourself inside or outside your home, the law will more appreciate the fact you've received training and qualified for your permit.
Plan that there's a good chance that, without training, the book may be thrown at you if you screw up, which is more likely when you think you know what you're doing and you're thinking wrong!
When you carry without a permit, you should realize your responsibility.
Sure, you may have saved yourself the permit fee. Instead, why not spend a few dollars getting educated; trained; prepared?
Think about that!  Remember the old, related expression? Don't go off half-cocked!
The greatest danger to your well being might be your over confidence.
"We give a hoot how you shoot!"

Friendly Village Firearms (FVF) is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and owner/operator Brian Spaulding was a Certified USCCA Instructor (one of only two in Maine). Brian is a NRA Life member, a member of the Western Maine Fish and Game Club (WMFG) in Harrison and a 24-year US Navy vet (mostly submarines). For more about FVF, visit the About Us page.

Click this button:  to download our firearms purchasing policy in PDF format.
Friendly Village Firearms adheres to all State and Federal laws regarding the sale of products to people in those states where restrictions apply.