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We give a hoot how, what, where and why you shoot!
Friendly Village Firearms (FVF) is located in the friendly village of Harrison, Maine!
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We welcome folks from anywhere who are interested in firearms education and/or purchasing firearms, ammo and/or accessories.
We offer basic and advanced handgun training
FVF is also a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

Open: Monday through Saturday 

Hours: 8:00 AM - Noon and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Closed:  Federal and state holidays!

You select either a morning class or afternoon class!

In other words, our classes are scheduled around you!

FVF offers three training courses:

(1.) "Basic Handgun Course" - 4 hours - $50.00 plus, if range time is elected*, add either (A.) $20.00 or (B.) $10.00 depending on whether: (A.) FVF provides the student with a firearm, ammunition, hearing and eye protection or (B.) the student provides this equipment. (Also see the course outline below!)

(2.) "Advanced Handgun Course" - 4 hours - $50.00 plus, if range time is elected*, add either (A.) $20.00 or (B.) $10.00, as explained in (1.) above. (Also see the course outline below!)

(3.) "Concealed Carry Course" - 8 hours - $100.00 plus add (A.) $20.00 or (B.) $10.00*, as explained in (1.) above. (This course is the combination of the Basic Handgun Course and the Advanced Handgun Course. It is usually taken in two classes of approximately four hours each plus range time of approximately an hour.)

*Normally, range time is taken after the Advanced Handgun Course. It is usually more convenient to take the Basic Handgun Course either in a morning class or an afternoon class and then take the Advanced Handgun Course on another day in a morning class or an afternoon class.
You may take both courses on the same day, if you wish. And, if more convenient, range time may be taken on yet another day in the morning or afternoon, again, usually after another scheduled Advanced Handgun class, which during winter months, is conducted only in the morning due to limited day light in the afternoon.
Note: Range time is approximately one hour and is shared with the other members of your class.
You can pay more elsewhere and get less!

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For FVF planning  purposes, please fill out your course registration and preferably submit it no later than one week before your desired class date!
If it is not possible to do so, please call ahead. There may be a vacancy or a cancellation.
We will do our best to make your training convenient for you!
See our "Course Discounts" at the bottom of this page.
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Visit our Frequently Asked Questions!
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USCCA is the first & largest member-owned association dedicated to educating, training, and insuring responsibly armed Americans.
With over 200,000 members and subscribers, the USCCA is your all-in-one resource for home defense and personal preparedness.
Visit our "Join the USCCA" page and/or Google USCCA for more information.

Sure! "Global Warming" matters .... but not today!
Right NOW your life and the lives of your loved ones is what matters!
Click on the picture of this typical American family to better understand why!
Do you have a Personal Protection Plan AND a Home Protection Plan? You should!
BTW, we don't like to use fear to attract students or firearms customers - BUT it works!
Take our "Basic Handgun Course"!
Upon completion of the Basic course, you are qualified to take our "Advanced Handgun Course"!
Complete these two courses and apply to the State of Maine for a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP).
Why take a course to get a Maine CHP when Maine doesn't require one anymore?
There are more reasons to take a course than not!
Here are a just a couple of reasons:
(1.) If you are a Maine resident 18 to 20 (i.e. not yet 21) and you're not actively serving in a component of the U.S. military, the National Guard or a Reserve component, a State of Maine Concealed Handgun Permit is still required!
(2.) If you're traveling, most reciprocating states require concealed carrying Maine residents to have a valid State of Maine permit in their possession!
You say you already have a permit?
Consider refresher training!

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Training, training, training may transform you into a self-defense expert!
(Notice that may is italicized and underlined!)
Food for thought:
Just because you have a concealed carry permit, doesn't make you an expert!
Carrying concealed with or without a permit is serious stuff; r-e-a-l-l-y serious stuff!
If the "hammer" drops and you have to defend yourself inside or outside your home, the law will more appreciate the fact you've received training and qualified for your permit.
Plan that there's a good chance that, without training, the book may be thrown at you if you screw up, which is more likely when you think you know what you're doing and you're thinking wrong!
When you carry without a permit, you should realize your responsibility.
Sure, you may have saved yourself the permit fee. Instead, why not spend a few dollars getting educated; trained; prepared?
Think about that!  Remember the old, related expression? Don't go off half-cocked!
The greatest danger to your well being might be your over confidence.
Join the USCCA and put a USCCA sticker on your back window!
Next time you're stopped for a faulty brake light, or whatever, seeing that sticker the police will figure they're less likely to be shot and they may possibly also figure that you're smarter than you look!  (-:  So, what do you do?  Call and get some training behind you.  It will work in your favor in more ways than you may be able to imagine at the moment.
Knowing what you're doing could save your life! Not knowing could cost you more than a firearms training course!

"We give a hoot how you shoot!"

Friendly PictureVillage Firearms (FVF) specializes in handgun training courses utilizing USCCA curriculum. Safety is always emphasized.
The FVF course described above is usually an eight hour personal defense, home defense and concealed carry course presented in two half day classes. When the Basic course and Advanced course are taken consecutively, essentially as one course, the cost is $110.00 or $120.00, as explained above. This combined course focuses on preparing a student for defense scenarios that begin in the home, before going out the door carrying concealed, and, of course, thereafter.
The Maine Concealed Handgun Permit is no longer required of a Maine resident unless you are age 18 to 20 and NOT actively serving in the U.S. military, the National Guard or a Reserve component.
Nevertheless, the Maine Concealed Handgun Permit is recognized by several other states in reciprocity agreements and, when a Maine resident carries concealed in most of these states, he/she must have a valid Maine Concealed Handgun Permit in his/her possession.
The one exception to this presently is that a permit is not required in the other states (ten at this writing) which agree with Maine's "Constitutional Carry" no-permit-required provision.
If a student is age 12 to 17, a non-student parent or guardian must attend to supervise the student during all portions of this or any other of our firearms courses. This, however, is at no cost to the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian, however, cannot also be a student.
We prefer a maximum one-to-four instructor-to-student ratio. However, if a venue permits more students and all students agree, this condition will be waived by the instructor. Of course, students in a large class do not receive the personal attention as in a small class.
During late fall and winter, fewer daylight hours are available impacting range time safety. For this reason, from late October through March, it is preferred that all classes be morning classes. However, FVF does accommodate afternoon classes! During this time though, required range time will be conducted at noon time instead of at the end of an afternoon class.
The State of Maine requires that a qualifying course must be completed within five (5) years prior to applying for the State of Maine Concealed Handgun Carry permit. Also, to satisfy the requirements of the State of Maine for course completion, participation in the "Course of Fire" portion of the course is mandatory. A student has to prove to our instructor that he/she can safely present and safely shoot a handgun.
As stated above, the successful completion of our concealed carry course is an FVF and USCCA requirement to qualify to apply for the State of Maine Concealed Handgun Permit.  Other arrangements may be made to complete the "Course of Fire" (range time) portion at a later time and date. However, the course "Certificate of Completion" must be withheld until this requirement is satisfied.

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In the Spring/Summer, the "Course of Fire" (range time) portion is normally conducted after the "Advanced Handgun Course" portion, whether it be a morning or afternoon class. In the Fall/Winter, FVF believes it is best to only have morning classes because less daylight is available for outdoor range time in late afternoon and driving conditions have to be taken into consideration. For these reasons, classes offered by FVF during Fall/Winter are preferred to be morning classes. Morning classes allow range time to be conducted after completing the "Advanced Handgun Course" portion either before lunch or after lunch, or for that matter, after completion of the "Basic Handgun Course", whichever the student prefers.

Range time is usually conducted at the nearby Western Maine Fish & Game Club outdoor range. With respect to the season, indicate your preference, morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) classes, when you register. Because there are fewer daylight hours in late fall and winter, if an afternoon "Advanced Handgun Course" class is elected by the student, for safety reasons the "Course of Fire" (range time) portion will likely have to be conducted just before the student's afternoon class OR immediately after the student's "Basic Handgun Course" morning class.
If a student chooses a morning "Advanced Handgun Course" class and the "Course of Fire" (range time) portion of the course has not been completed previously, it will be conducted after lunch that day. If the student chooses to take the two courses with his/her goal being to apply for a State of Maine Concealed Handgun Permit, it is a State of Maine requirement that a course of live fire must be included in the instruction. SIRT red laser pistol training is available, however, it cannot be substituted for the live fire requirement.
During ALL courses, the safe and proper use of firearms is emphasized AND stressed at all times. 

During spring and summer, our concealed carry course, the "Basic Handgun Course" and "Advanced Handgun Course" previously described, taken consecutively followed by the required range time may be requested to be held on one day, eight (8) hours class. This all-in-one-day class is actually the preferred manner to present the course materials. However, it is recognized that an all day class may be inconvenient for many students. It makes for a very long day! Therefore, this course is also offered as two half day classes, any morning or afternoon, Monday - Saturday, 8:00 AM - Noon OR 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  The "Course of Fire" (range time) portion is conducted after classroom instruction on the second half day. For safety reasons, planning purposes and for your retention of course information, it is strongly encouraged that, if possible, these courses be completed by taking the two half day classes as closely together as possible. Say you attend a Monday half day class. Follow up the next day or another day soon after with the second half of the course. For example: perhaps taking the "Basic Handgun Course" portion on a Friday afternoon and taking the "Advanced Handgun Course" portion Saturday morning may be more convenient for you.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions!
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If range time is desired apart from taking a class, our hourly rates are:

     (1.) $20.00, if the student provides his/her own firearm, ammunition, and safety gear (i.e shooting glasses and ear protection) or

     (2.) $30.00, if we provide a firearm, etc.. 

Of course, too, in planning one's day, a student must take into consideration the time to travel from the classroom to the range and travel wherever thereafter.

If only a "Period of Consultation" in the classroom or at the range is desired rather than attending a course, the $20.00 hourly rate applies. This provides students and others interested in acquiring a personal firearm, ammunition, and accessories the opportunity to receive advice, assistance, and a purchase discount!

If only Supervised/Accompanied range time is desired without attending a course, the instructor's hourly rate is either $20.00 or $30.00 as described in the foregoing.


Instructor, Brian Spaulding, is a Certified USCCA Instructor (one of only two in Maine). He is also a *Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), a LIFE NRA member; and a member of the Western Maine Fish and Game Club (WMFG) in Harrison. For more about Brian, click on the About Brian navigation button below the About Us button.

Class Location: 32 Pitts Road, Harrison, Maine.
Conducting our self defense courses in our home classroom setting adds realism to personal and home defense training as well as emphasizing what must be known by a student before leaving one's home with a firearm, with or without a concealed carry permit!
Elected range time and the required "Course of Fire" (range time) portion of the concealed carry course is conducted at the nearby Western Maine Fish & Game Club outdoor range.
If you wish, you may bring one unloaded firearm to your class and both your firearm and your ammo to the range.
Ammunition is not allowed in the classroom -  EVER - only at the range!
Our courses consist of classroom instruction supplemented by PowerPoint Slide presentations, videos, handouts, a multiple choice quiz and a course of fire.
*Be advised that handguns, ammo, eye and ear protection are provided by us for your use, but they are not "sold" as part of the cost of a course.
If you prefer to bring your own handgun, ammo, eye and ear protection, that's fine. However, be advised that liability concerns with regard to the safe and proper use and function of your firearm, ammo and protective equipment in the classroom and especially while at the range are yours; not ours or those of the range.
Visit the About Us, About Class, Registration and Schedule pages for more helpful (and interesting) information! Their navigation buttons can be found by resting your mouse on the "more..." navigation button at the top of this page.

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Picture"Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals", written by USCCA Chief Instructor, Michael Martin, is our 231 page course textbook. It follows our classroom instruction and further supplements our USCCA curriculum. A student may purchase the textbook for $20.00 plus Maine Sales Tax. This student price is slightly above our cost. In addition to being an outstanding refresher course in itself, this textbook is an excellent stand alone reference for anyone interested in firearms, particularly handguns in their use in self-defense and concealed carry.
Are you interested in just purchasing the textbook? The retail price is $25.00 plus Maine Sales Tax.
Find details on the "Extra Bang" page.

Active duty U.S. military members (Regular, National Guard and Reserve) receive a 10% discount!
Why should active duty personnel take a firearms course?
Not all active duty members are trained for combat roles. Most serve in support roles and, although familiar with firearms, rarely are these members proficient in their use.
Your instructor knows. He served in the U.S. Navy nearly 24 years!
Honorably discharged Veterans and teachers also receive a 10% discount!
The immediate family members of active duty members, veterans and teachers receive the same discount!
 Get one (1) to three (3) others to register with you for the same class, and each of you will receive a 10% course discount and a one time 10% discount off the purchase of a firearm!
Please note the full names of your referrals on your registration!
Please see the "Registration" page for more about discounts and course payment!
Thanks to you all for your service and sacrifice!

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*Click this button:  to download our firearms purchasing policy in PDF format.
Friendly Village Firearms adheres to all State and Federal laws regarding the sale of products to people in those states where restrictions apply.