About us....
What we were: First and foremost, for several years Friendly Village Firearms (FVF) was an education service providing US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) curriculum-based self-defense courses in firearms, primarily handguns.

This is no longer the case. FVF had no students last year and only four students the year before. Since LD652 was passed (Constitutional Carry) here in Maine, many apparently believe that they know all there is to know about self-defense with firearms. First and foremost, they apparently also understand all the safety considerations and feel they're informed enough, so they believe they know what one should know to keep from getting killed or injuring someone who they had not intended to injure, or worse yet, to kill. As much as these folks really cannot afford to be so confident, neither can FVF afford the overhead expense of having zero students. Therefore, the website has been reduced in size and scope to reflect this change.

The focus now is on helping folks select and purchase a firearm, ammo and accessories that meets their self-defense needs or their hunting needs or fulfull their recreational desires. FVF will also assist with private firearms sales and with other related purchases like ammo, holsters and such. FVF will also continue to assist with firearms transfers.

It was a good run while it lasted. So .... no more classes.

What FVF is still not: FVF is not a "gun shop" in the traditional sense. FVF still does not carry a firearms inventory. FVF is not a licensed gunsmith and FVF is not a pawn shop. However, we are federally licensed to perform fiream transfers and trade in firearms. Our "trading", however, is primarily online purchasing. FVF is a registered dealer with several major distributors, e.g. Cabelas, Brownells, Davidsons, Lipseys, and Zanders - to mention only a few. In addition to firearms, most of these distributors supply ammunition and accessories: firearms in 2-3 days; ammunition and accessories, in typically 5-7 days.