About us....
For several years FVF provided a firearms education service. Training centered around US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) curriculum-based self-defense courses in firearms, primarily handguns.

FVF no longer offers basic or advanced firearms classes. Here in Maine, since LD652 was passed ("Constitutional Carry" - no permit required), the firearms education business has suffered the consequences. Many apparently believe that they know all there is to know about self-defense with firearms. They apparently also understand all the safety considerations and feel they're informed enough, so they believe they know what one should know to keep from getting killed or injuring someone who they had not intended to injure, or, worse yet, kill.
These days many people apparently do not see the sense in receiving firearms training. Simply said: What you don't know can get you killed. So can being overconfident.
Currently, due to the COVID19 virus circumstances and difficulty in procuring inventory, FVF is only helping folks with firearms transfers.
FVF does not carry an inventory and FVF is not a licensed gunsmith, but we know a couple of good ones in the area. Finally, FVF is also not a pawn shop and no longer "trades" in firearms.